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When digitization happens on time and correctly, you can immediately see the result reflected in your business. I think no one will be surprised if they hear that more than 30% of small and medium-sized businesses still maintain their database in print, give advertisements on the radio when there is the Internet, and so on.
This is where we appear, amDigitech ready to quickly help you in promoting your business. We started in 2009 and still help digitize your business.

More than just data

Where is my Data?
Data availability (right data at the right time with right fidelity), connectivity
What can I do with my data?
Data curation / cleansing / analysis & modeling and new insights
How do I monetize my data?
Business Process Optimization, Value creation / Innovation
How can my business go agile?
Market Analysis, Comparison with Other Business Models

Your Business Engine

We can help you discover the importance of digitization and its benefits. Our specialists will help you in theory and do in practice. Believe me, relying on our not little experience, it is safe to say that it is worth it.
amDigitech is also interested in the fact that your business would grow, since we take a very small fixed amount for our work, the main income adds up to percent of your total revenue for a certain time - this is our guarantee, we are interested no less than you.

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